On-line Simulations and Simulation Software for World Builders

We are actively searching for helpful simulations and software. If you know of a good simulation or software package that we haven't listed, please share. The course is being taught on the Macintosh, but names and descriptions of IBM programs are also welcome.

Online simulations right on the WWW!


Genetics: Virtual Fly Lab -- an online genetics simulation at our very own CSULA! Play this!! You will enjoy it!


Virtual Frog Dissection Kit, Version 1.2
The program allows interactive on-line dissection of a frog, and includes the capability to make on-the-fly movies.


The Interactive Frog Dissection: An On-line Tutorial
The program shows us how to do a frog dissection, and gives opportunities to practice what has been taught. Graphic pictures.


Amphybian Embryology Tutorial: detailed, with excellent pictures and descriptions. Assumes some scientific background, but defines unfamiliar words.


The Cell Nucleus: a pictorial guide to chromatin organization by Gwen Childs @ U of Texas Medical Branch. Excellent science program, accessible to general reader who is willing to go slowly. Vocabulary words are linked to images and definitions. Graphics are very helpful.

Software for the Macintosh

Gravitation 4

A simulation of orbits. You can set the masses of the heavenly bodies. Modest, but interesting.

Orbimania 4

A simulation of orbits or electro-magnetic interactions. You can set the masses of the heavenly bodies. Colorful and fun to play with.


A genetics simulation in which you breed aliens. Good practice for World Builders! This one is fun! Freeware or Shareware


This is an enjoyable world building simulation. The documentation is an interesting and enjoyable text that teaches world building vocabulary and concepts. An older program: may be hard to find.
Broderbund: A simulation.

Darwin's Dilemma

An engrossing simulation of evolution. A program from 1990: may be hard to find.
Broderbund: A simulation.

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