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Emerging and playful artists, you are invited to share your talents and inspiration by sending some of your creations to us. I would be happy to host some of your electronic images or to scan and post ink drawings of aliens, alien landscapes, alien plants, alien animals, alien cities and technologies, furniture, clothing, cooking utensils, etc. Sadly, we do not have funding to pay for pictures: posting them here would put them in the public domain for world builders anywhere to use, giving you appropriate credit, of course. Also, if you see a group working on a world that interests you, you might email them to see if you could participate in their project.


Calvin J Hamilton's Views of the Solar System has many wonderful images and extensive information about the planets and their moons. There is also information on the history of space exploration and the space missions. There are tables with planetary information. This is a really impressive site!

NASA's Welcome to the Planets is a sparkling collection of images with information on the planets and their moons in our solar system. This site is an on-line copy of the CD-ROM, Welcome to the Planets.

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (see previous site) has a list of facts on the planets, including mass, density, radius, and temperature, that may be helpful to you. There is also a photo gallery with many links and images.

Terranova randomly generates a planet each day. Come and visit!





Cells Alive has beautiful photographs and movies of unicellular life forms plus lists of web sites with more microphotography. This one is one of my favorites -- a must see!

Grass of the Sea has more exquisite microphotography and information about these tiny organisms. This is another must see!


The Biology Department of the University of Bowling Green has many more photographic images of unicellular life forms. An excellent source of inspiration for world builders.

Aquatic Botany

Aquatic Zoology

Aquatic Ecology

Land Plants

Mycological Resources on the Internet. Mycology is about fungi, so you will find sources for pictures and information here.


An image library (copyrighted, I think). Many excellent plant pictures to inspire you! Click on folders and listed images. Mitiosis and Metosis illustrations are very good for seeing cell division.

Land Animals

Land Ecology

Aliens and Alien Environments

Here is another World Building class on the Internet! Check this one out for inspiration! These worlds are being designed for use in science fiction writing, and they are not so detailed as ours will be. They have beautiful graphics and interesting ideas. If I am correct, anyone can join in this project.

Trimmings for your Web Pages

An Outstanding Site! Dr Fernando Hernandez has assembled annotated lists of HTML Tutorials, Text Editors, Page Development tools and sources for buttons, textures, etc. Check this one out!

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