NASA's Welcome to the Planets is a sparkling collection of images with information on the planets and their moons in our solar system. This site is an on-line copy of the CD-ROM, Welcome to the Planets. which you can order for your class.

NASA's Views of the Solar System The solar system is a click of the mouse away with this new CD-ROM by Calvin Hamilton. Views of the Solar System is an extraordinary collection of images, animations, facts, and historical perspectives about the planets, moons, Sun and other part of our solar system. Soar over Martian volcanoes, descend into the fiery Sun, and experience the thrill of the first moon landing on your exciting voyage through space. Perfect for home or classroom use, this affordable astronomy resource includes a special section for educators, with an extensive resources list, NASA-developed activities, and NSTA journal articles that cover key processes in space science. Includes all necessary software and complete instructions for use. Grades K-12, 1996, Mac/Win CD-ROM
PB128X, $21.95

This site also includes listings of excellent teacher resources that would be most helpful to groups of world builders!

A selection of CD-ROMs recommended by NASA. Subjects include the moon, Mars, impact craters and the constellations.

ERUPT simulates volcanic eruptions. DOS and Windows versions. Download form to purchase.

Deep Voyage-Media Clips
Aris Entertainment.
Address: 310 Washington Blvd, Suit 100
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

(310) 821-0234.

This CD-ROM is cross platform and contains 100 photographic images, 25 underwater videos and 100 audio clips. It has interesting pictures of underwater animals and environments. We may use up to 20% of the images in a site on the web.

Wilson., E.O. and Dan L. Perlman. (2000) Conserving Earth's BioDiversity with E.O. Wilson. Island Press. Covelo, CA.

CD-ROM: Mac and Windows


A "must have" resource for your classroom. Excellent information and presentation, very accessible and easily navigated. You and your students will love it and learn from it.

Ordering Information:

  • ISBN Number: 1-55963-773-0

                   Instructor's Edition: ISBN 1-55963-774-9

  • Cost: around $40.00, and well worth it. 

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