Helpful Articles and Journals for World Builders

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Some publications are just full of articles that will be useful to world builders. Among these are:

A monthly magazine with excellent interesting articles of general interest. Highly recommended for high schoool and adults.

A small weekly magazine with short articles on many interesting developments in the sciences. Excellent resource for teachers and classrooms.
SCIENCE journal website: Search for articles in Science magazine. An excellent source for abstracts of articles on a wide range of science topics. This journal is primarily for professional scientists, but sometimes has useful information for world builders.


NATURE journal website. Listings and abstracts of recent articles. Readable articles about many areas of scientific research.

A description of heat flow in our oceans and the effect of ocean currents on climate.

Natural Sciences:  Biology, Botany, Zoology, Ecology

Cohen, Jack. (1991) Article on Aliens in New Scientist. December.

Dawkins, Richard, (November, 1995). God' s Utility Function. Scientific American. Volume 273: Number 5. Pages 80 - 85.

Evolution of life forms as a response to environmental conditions.

Social Sciences