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Awards and Listings from Educational Sites and Organizations

NSTA selected 10 pages for linking to textbooks: April 2001

Introduction to Biomes
Desert Biomes
Making a Time Map of the Universe
Kepler's Laws
How Rocks are Formed
Layers of the Atmosphere
Unicellular Organisms:
               The Giant Problem Solvers
How Characteristics Are Inherited
Activating Yeast

LISTING March 2004

NASA Student Experimental Module - Balloon

This educational program allows students to create their own experiments and fly them onboard a high altitude NASA balloon.


AWARD:   November 17, 1998.

World Builders™ was selected as a Cool Science Link of the Week by The National Academy Press, publishers for The National Academy of Sciences, The National Academy of Engineering, The Institute of Medicine. and the National Research Council. Check their site and see what else is cool!   


AWARD:   March, 1998.

World Builders™ was chosen to be included in the Digital Dozen of programs highlighted by The Eisenhower National Clearing House of Mathematics and Science Education. Visit this site to find many links to excellent sites for people of all ages! 


AWARD:  February, 1998, 3/12/00

World Builders was chosen for inclusion in the Pacific Bell Education First Blue Web'n Library of Learning Sites! Check out the fine teacher resources at this site!


Education World: "Where Educators Go To Learn."
Check out this huge database of educational resources and news items.



Holt, Rinehart and Winston (HRW) is a publisher of educational materials for Grades 6 to 12. They are linking their textbooks to interesting web pages.



Lecturesonline: The one-stop site to preview, examine, and download academically focused digital work-products, such as PowerPoint lectures, demonstrations, figures, charts, graphs, and HTML pages.



The California Virtual Campus lists over 3000 distance education courses offered by 153 Junior Colleges and Universities in California.


LISTING! is produced by Technology & Learning Magazine, the Well Connected Educator and SchoolTech Expo & Conference, with contributions from hundreds of K-12 teachers, administrators & other experts in the field.



World Builders is listed in the Biology Section of the BBC's Education Web Guide Best of the Web. Check this site for good sites for teachers and students!



World Builders is listed at The Gateway to Educational Materials Project, which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and is a special project of the ERIC Clearinghouse on Information & Technology. Check this site for a large listing of high quality educational sites and resources. It provides easy one-stop, any-stop access to lesson plans, curriculum units, and other educational materials on the Internet.



World Builders has been listed as a resource at the Autodesk Foundations Project Based Learning site. Learn about Project Based Learning at this site!


World Lecture Hall: The World Lecture Hall contains links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver university-level academic courses in any language.



This site is intended for gamers and science fiction writers. It has especially good links for social issues.

LISTING! is a search engine page with several pages of world builder listings.


New Scientist

LISTING!   Site of the Day November 11, 2000.

New Scientist Magazine has listed World Builders in two categories: General Science and Fun!  Check both of these links to find more fascinating sites!



Euronet has a wonderful collection of sites on very attractive pages! Check this iste out! World Builders is listed under education, but there are other sites as well. Some pages are in German, but the icons with the links are easy to follow.




The Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia has listed World Builders under Space Science Fiction


World Builders is listed under Outer Space in the Science section of Curriculum and Instruction at the Middle Web Site. See the huge list of fascinating annotated sites for you to explore here.



Three Rivers Free-Net, associated with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburg, has listed World Builders in their General Sites in the Astronomy Section along with a great selection of other sites to try.



Nearctica, "your complete gateway to the natural world of North America" has listed World Builders under Education: General Web Sites together with an intriguing listing of more good sites to visit. This is a huge site with a lot of good information!




Links to Teacher Resources for Math and Science lists World Builders as a Constructivist site. There are good links here for math and science teachers.



World Builders is listed as an earth science resource at Become a Rock Detective.  This site has many interesting links about fossils, early peoples, dinosaurs, etc. Check this site to find resources for earth science teachers.



Bard's Ink, a science fiction writers' group, lists World Builders among its world building resources.



This site for fantasy writers and gamers lists World builders as a resource. There is a good material here for constructing alien civilizations.




Science Resources recommends World Builders for their students.


  Space The Far Lands


This beautiful page contains a number of inspiring quotes and an impressive listng of links, including World Builders.

 Using Technology As a Tool in the Classroom:
Making Connections Training Teachers
at California State University at San Diego Department of Education


Curriculum Links and Teaching Resources for Math & Science lists World Builders among its list of high quality links.



 Exploring the Internet has good information on the rise of civilizations and cultures. It includes World Builders as a must see site on its activities page. This page is found on the Utah Education Network.

 Marine Sites

suitable for K-12 education


Marine Sites suitable for K-12 education has an extensive list of links and resources for teachers. The list includes World Builders.


Science links from Bethel School District, which is north west of Eugene, Oregon. This is a comprehensive listing of links with a particularly good oceanography section. World Builders is listed under Space.



StudyWeb®: Professional_Development:
General Resources lists World Builders among other resources.


My is the international arm of Schoolsnet Australia Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Pty Ltd. Schoolsnet is Australia's clear leader in providing Internet products to the Australian education market.  MyInternet company lists World Builders among its international secondary high school resources.


World Builders is listed in Earth Sciences education on this site. This site belongs to the Ithaca City School District in Ithica, New York.

Awards and Listings from General Interest Sites and Organizations

AWARD:     May 12, 2002

The Golden Web Awards is a service of The International Association of Web Masters and Designers and is presented to those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.


AWARD:     December 23, 1999.

World Builders™ became a winner of a Cyber Platinum Site Award. This award is given out to sites that have Excellent Content, Innovative Design, Ease of Use, Good Presentation, Fast Loading Graphics. See this huge directory of award winning sites on many topics!


AWARD:    December 28, 1999.

World Builders received a Loadstar's Web Design Bronze Award. Visit Loadstar's Web Design Awards to find other fine sites.

Comment: You have a beautiful site which is well-presented and highly enjoyable.

Students, this is your work being praised, too!

AWARD:    December 28, 1999.

World Builders received a Gadzillion Award For Creative Thought on the Internet

AWARD:        April 21, 1996.

World Builders was chosen as the Geek Site of the Day!

Thank you, noble Geeks!
Your award was our first!

AWARD:   January 22, 2000.

World Builders received JoyZine's Wonderful Website Award "for it's great added value to the World Wide Web community."

You can visit JoyZine & The Adventures of Zoe and check out eGroups, a site which offers free, easy ways to create news letters, chat rooms, etc.

JoyZine's site is in Australia!     One Web, One World!



World Builders is listed in Writing Links & Links for Writers Fiction on this site. This site has many useful references, and another page for home schoolers.

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