Software Toolkit for Macintosh

oftware Toolkit for Macintosh

Here is a list of software programs that you should get to help you in your world building. Some of these programs are freeware, some are shareware. If you use shareware programs and like some of them, please send the shareware fee to the authors of the programs. They have worked hard to create these fine programs for us, and the costs of the programs are very reasonable. We can live in a world where people help one another. Let's do our part.

Programs are sent to us in a compressed format. That means that they must be decompressed
   .If you cannot decompress files that you download, get a copy of Unstuffit or StuffIt Expander or StuffIt Lite from the labs here.  Then you can download the other files in the lab at CSULA or at home if you have a Macintosh Computer.

A List of the Programs -- Macintosh Only!

Search for these programs by name at one or more of these software collections:

or go to the programs' individual web sites for the most recent versions of the programs.

Programs are listed in five categories:

Compression / Decompression Programs HTML Page Writing Help Helpful Graphics Programs Generally Helpful Programs Site Management Tools
StuffIt Expander BBEdit Lite GraphicConverter Stickies Window Monkey
ZipIt SpellTools GifBuilder Net-Print Big Brother
MacGzip SimpleText Color Menu Screen Catcher CopyPaste Guillotine
  HTML Color   CalcWorks Fetch
    .   HTML.Grinder

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Compression Utilities

  • StuffIt Expander
    • Author: Leonard Rosenthol
    • What it Does: Expands many types of compressed files
    • Documentation: Lots.
    • Price: freeware
    • Must Get? Yes. An excellent program. You will use this one a lot!.
    • Aladdin Systems Inc is in Watsonville, California. (408) 761-6200.
    • Web Site: Download.

  • ZipIt 4.0.1
    • Author: Thomas Brown
    • What it Does: Decompresses file names ending in .zip. Also Zips files.
    • Documentation: Yes
    • Price: $15. Call 1-800-SOFTLOCK for credit card registration. Product number in US 30021.
    • Must Get? No - see how many of the files tht you need end with .zip
    • Web Site:
      Downloads and credit card registration at this site.

  • MacGzip
    • Author: Jean-loup Gailly
    • Questions, technical support:
    • What it Does: Zips and unzips single files
    • Documentation: Yes, lots.
    • Price: not mentioned
    • Must Get: No, but see if you need it.

  • BinHex 5.0
    • Author: Ives Lempereur
    • What it Does: Compresses and decompresses files.
    • Documentation: Not needed.
    • Price: $10
    • Must Get: No, but see if you need it.
    • Web Site: no

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HTML Page Writing Helpers

  • BBEdit Lite 4.0.1
    • Author: Bare Bones Software --
    • What it Does: Super Authoring Tool for html
    • Documentation: Lots
    • Price: free -- For a more powerful program (Educational Discount Price) $79.00.
    • Must Get? No -- but a very helpful program for coding pages.
    • Web Site:

  • SpellTools
    • Author: Newer Technology --
    • What it Does: Checks spelling in HTML documents.
    • Documentation: Yes -- very good. Fast, simple tutorial.
    • Price: $20 shareware -- 30 day trial 1-800-678 3726
    • Must Get? YES! Check every page of html code before turning it in!
    • Web Site:

  • SimpleText Color Menu
    • Author: Alessandro Levi Montalcini
    • What it Does: Works on Simple Text 1.1 - 1.4 to allow color fonts, searches.
    • Documentation: Fine. Very little needed.
    • Price: $10 What a deal!
    • Must Get? Yes. You will need it for typing your html documents. I love it!
    • Web Site:

  • HTML Color
    • Author: Ronan Dowling
    • What it Does: Gives you the hexadecimal numbers for any colors that you need for text, background, etc. on your web site.
    • Documentation: Very little needed.
    • Price: Free -- send author a postcard
    • Must Get: Yes. Helpful, simple, and free!!!!

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Helpers for Graphics

  • GraphicConverter
    • Author: Thorsten Lemke --
    • What it Does: Converts many kinds of graphics to other formats -- e.g., gif. Allows you to make many kinds of changes to your image.
    • Documentation: Excellent and extensive. Available in several languages.
    • Price: $35 -- on-line registration at web site. An excellent value!
    • Must Get? Absolutely! An award winning program. You need this one!
    • Web Site: Downloading and PlugIn.

  • GifBuilder
    • Author: Yves Piguet --
    • What it Does: Makes animated pictures, slide shows. Not difficult!
    • Documentation: Included. There is also a tutorial.
    • Price: Free! What a great deal! Send email to say thanks!
    • Must Get? No, but it is fun to use if you can find the time --

    Screen Catcher

    • Author: Jon Gotow
    • What it Does: Takes a picture of all or part of what is on your screen.
    • Documentation: Yes. Extra features for image processing.
    • Price: $25 Register at
    • Must Get: No, but useful.
    • Web Site:

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Generally Helpful Programs

  • Stickies
    • Author: Jens Alfke
    • What it Does: Makes PostIt notes to put on your screen. Useful for bits of code, email addresses and URL's.
    • Documentation: Very little needed.
    • Price: Part of Apple's System 7.?
    • Must Get: Yes, definitely. Helpful, easy to use, and free!!!!
    • Web Site: no

  • Stickies Color Editor
    • Author: Joseph Ashear
    • What it Does: Adds more note colors to the Stickies.
    • Documentation: Very little needed.
    • Price: Free.
    • Must Get: Yes, why not?
    • Web Site: no

  • Net-Print
    • Author: John Moe
    • What it Does: Selects part of web pages and other documents to print.
    • Documentation: Yes. Easy to install.
    • Price: $5 - $15 District wide license for $25! Save money on paper!
    • Must Get: No, but may be useful in capturing information.

  • CopyPaste
    • Author: Julian Miller
    • What it Does: gives your clipboard ten pages for copying and pasting.
    • Documentation: Manuals in five languages, including English.
    • Price: 1-3 $20 each, 4-9 $15 each, 10-24 $20 each (916) 546-9005
    • Must Get: No, but try it. Useful for keeping bits of code on hand.
    • Download:

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