Where and When 

Where and When

First Meeting Jan 9 2004 from 4:20 TO 9:00 in Room C2092 in King Hall

On Campus: EDIT 472 World Builders

World Builders has become a regular part of our curriculum at California State University. Los Angeles. It will be offered once a year in the winter quarter (January to mid-March) through the Technology in Education program at the Charter College of Education.

World Builders is an elective course in both the New Media and the Computer Educator's MA programs. It is also an elective for MA students in Elementary Science.

However, you do not need to be enrolled in these programs in order to take this course, or even to be enrolled at California State University, Los Angeles. You can enroll through the Open University if you wish.  Write to Dr Viau for more information about this.  The tuition fee for credit  through the Open University is $625.00.  Completing the course earns 5 quarter credits.

As a Distance Course EDIT 472

World Builders has been offered as an on-campus course, but in Winter 2004 World Builders will be offered as a distance course.   An organizational meeting will be held on the first day of the class in King Hall, probably in Room C 2092 from 4:20 PM to 9:00 PM on Friday, January 9, 2004.  All students enrolled or hoping to enroll in World Builders should attend this meeting if they live nearby. Students at a greater distance should email Dr Viau and send their telephone numbers to her so that communication can be established.  The groups will be formed at this first meeting, so it is important to attend it if possible.

For more information or answers to questions, email Dr Viau at at eviau@earthlink.net.


If you decide that you would like to take this course you need

  • to have access to the world wide web
  • to be able to use email
  • to have (or get) an active email account
  • to be able to use a word processor

Helpful Knowledge and Skills

You will learn the following skills during the course. If you have some of them already, that is very good. If you do not have any of these skills, check with Dr Viau to be sure you do not get overwhelmed out there in cyberspace!
  • use a computer graphics program to make simple graphics and diagrams
  • make a web page (not required, but very helpful)
  • attach a file to email
  • unzip a file or folder
  • zip a file or folder
  • use a chat program and/or Instant Messaging
  • change the sizes and formats of graphics
  • make a transparent gif
  • link web pages
  • use the web to find information
  • any background in science is helpful, but not required.

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