Welcome to Shalimar!

Shalimar is a beautiful tropical planet, wet, warm, and covered with vegetation. It has a gravity one and a half times that of earth, and is frequently bombarded by space debris. Interesting animals, among them triangularians and waffleoos, wait for you to discover them. Wear your bathing suit! There are sure to be some showers!

Who Created Shalimar?

Chapter One Our Planetary SystemChapter SixAnimals that Swim
Chapter Two Mountains and PlainsChapter SevenThe Underwater World
Chapter ThreeSunshine and RainChapter EightLand Plants
Chapter FourLife BeginsChapter NineLand Animals
Chapter FiveWater PlantsChapter TenEcologies on Land

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Graphic of bodies colliding in space from NASA, modified by Jay Nerenburg and Dr Penelope Semrau.