Who Created Shalimar?

Shalimar is being created by Elizabeth Viau, your course instructor, to give you some ideas about how to lay out the information about your own planet. Visiting Shalimar may suggest ways to describe the journey to the world that you design. It is not intended to be The One True Way to describe a planet. There may not even be a best way: only a number of good ways. I am learning, as you are, and will make changes as time goes by.

So far as we know, every planet is different. Your survey crew may choose to focus on some areas in more depth than I have done, or may decide on a different way of presenting your findings. I look forward to seeing what you think of!

Remember, folks, this is the Universe that we are working on! Press on! Fear nothing!

Shalimar is copyrighted by Elizabeth Viau, but may be freely used for non-profit educational purposes with acknowledgement.

Picture of Shalimar in space by Dr Penelope Semrau and Jay Neurenberg from NASA pictures.