Who created Loki?


  First Expeditionary Team

  of World Builders


This world, Loki, was the first world constructed in the "World Builders" course taught by Dr. Elizabeth Viau during the Spring Semester, 1993 at Montana State University, Bozeman (MSU). This course was offered through the University Honors Program there.

Guest lecturers from MSU who generously contributed their time to the class are:

  • Kevin Scott, Astronomy
  • Dr. David Mogk, Earth Science
  • Dr. Andrew Marcus, Earth Science
  • Dr. David Ward, Microbiology
  • Michael Briggs, Ecology
  • Dr. Michael Wells, Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. Sharon Eversman, Botany
  • Dr. John Paxton, Computer Science

The creators of Loki gave Elizabeth Viau permission to develop their concepts further and to make Loki available here through the World Wide Web. I have added some text here and there, and used and expanded on the drawings originally made by Heather Thomas for the Loki project. Thank you, World Builders!

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