Creative Expression

Loki: Chapter 18


The creatures most sophisticated creative expression is demonstrated in their singing. Hearing is their most developed sense, and they are very much aware of the nuances in their music. Prestige is given to the finest singers. Unfortunately humans are unable to appreciate the extent of the creature's artistry.

Storytelling is manifested in the creatures' mythology, but emphasis is placed on how the story is sung rather than on the construction of new myths. Rarely a particularly fine singer may create a new song during a performance, a creation described as 'an eruption from the song' which preceded it. Such songs are treasured and sung, and individuals present at the first performance will consider this a significant event for the rest of their lives.

Weaving also allows scope for creativity, with very subtle variations from familiar patterns being detected by the variations in the echoes returning from echo-location sounds broadcast toward the mesh. Sometimes two or more of the creatures may create a weaving together as an expression of friendship. Sometimes such weavings are related to the conception of a child, or a weaving may be a mother-child creation as the child prepares to leave the nest. The weaving of the fibers seems to symbolize the interaction between the creatures, or perhaps the ebb and flow of complex rhythms in a shared song. Such activity is often accompanied by singing. A creative weaving may be hung in a high traffic area for the enjoyment of the group and passersby, or 'returned to the volcano' in a group ceremony with much singing. Sometimes, however, nothing special is done with it: sometimes the activity itself may be more significant than the product.

It is thought that there is some relationship between individual weaving patterns and particular songs, or song phrases, but the relationships are too subtle for human detection, if indeed they exist.

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