In the Beginning

Loki: Chapter 17

While the creatures of this planet are sentient, they do not communicate as most land based species. In fact, their entire language is sung, rather than spoken. Thus, the greatest and most talented musicians are the keepers of lore on this world. It is those with the most beautiful voices who tell the stories. Poetry is music, music is language, speaking is singing, and communication is music.

This is the story of the creatures' origin. On this world, the small tribal groups (usually consisting of ten to fifteen members) gather to listen to their origin. This is a complex song, but not terribly demanding upon the singer. All of the inhabitants are capable of singing this story. While this may seem trivial on other planets, not all creatures are equally capable of telling a story. In fact, there are many which are so difficult that only the most talented can sing them. This is a rough translation, not nearly as beautiful as their songs.

The First One came from the first volcano.

Nothing was present but the earth and the water.

All was cold and barren; no life could exist.

But, out of nothing, the first life-giver erupted in a glorious explosion!


Out of the volcano's mouth came

the plants,

the animals, and

the First One.


Now, there was plenty to eat,

good things to gather,

warmth and life.

So the First One came into a glorious world!


And the First One had a baby inside, and because all was warm, the baby emerged when the First One had fed only once.

So, that is our origin.

Many other volcanoes followed, and soon we multiplied and grew in numbers, eventually dividing into our natural tribes.

And so, as you can see, we must stay close to the life-giving volcano, or all is lost.

We come from them, we return to them.

Translator's Note: This remark is more significant when one realizes that all creatures are ``returned to the volcano'' when they die. The various religions and social customs all dictate that the dead are returned to the life-giving volcanoes.

Chris Jones
Sat Feb 18 00:31:33 MST 1995