The First City -- A Mythic Story

Loki: Chapter 14

The first city came about in this manner. The volcano Elaina* had been erupting for many years, and the plain all around was fertile and warm. However, no creatures lived here because there were no natural caves for the storage of food, the raising of young, or protection from predators. The tribe of Wise Azole passed this place because they sought a new and active volcano. The tribe stopped to eat, and they began to argue about where to seek a new dwelling place. Meanwhile, Wise Azole presented an idea to the elders of the tribe. Wise Azole suggested that they all dwell here. The group objected, talking about the lack of natural caves. It was then that Wise Azole pointed out that the some coral which inhabited the area had grown and formed a cave-shaped structure. The group immediately saw the wisdom in this idea, and proceeded to inhabit this fertile life-giver. Many babies were born, and Wise Azole had another magnificent idea. Wise Azole demonstrated to the group that the coral could be trained to grow into shapes. Wise Azole bound the fibers of the long-plant about the coral and forced it to grow into another natural cave type structure. And so began life in the city*.

*Editor's Note: The last sentence of this tale is the most interesting to the creatures. The term for ``life in the city'' is a very difficult melody, complicated and quick.

*Translator's Note: Of course the name Elaina is not how these creatures pronounce the name of the volcano. However, I believe that the names give similar feelings in each language. From now on, I will simply pick what I consider appropriate name substitutions.

Chris Jones
Sat Feb 18 00:31:33 MST 1995