Sentient Life on Loki

Loki: Chapter 10

To the astonishment of the original survey team, not only was life found under the ice of Loki, but an intelligent species was discovered!

Because their language is unpronounceable by most humans and difficult to write, they will not be referred to by their self-given name, which translates roughly to ``people,'' but by terms such as ``the Creatures.''

The sections that follow this one are basic descriptions of the physical and cultural characteristics of these sentients. They are mild and gentle creatures, but were difficult to communicate with because they live at great depths in the oceans, their life experiences and concerns are very different from ours, many of our concepts were foreign to them, and theirs to us, and their language is very difficult for humans to learn. As humans are unable to generate the necessary sounds vocally, the team recorded their utterances, coded them, and played them back in order to engage in conversation. Despite these formidable difficulties, some contact and conversation did occur.

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