The Star System of Thor

Loki: Chapter 1

     The star system of Thor is strange; the primary, Thor, is a gas giant planet about 160 million km in diameter. Its satellites consist of Surtur, a small, rocky planetoid hurtling around about a million km out; Loki, an ice-covered sphere a million km farther; and Thymr, a slightly smaller version of Surtur 18 million km farther yet.


     Thor itself emits mostly infra-red radiation, and appears, to human eyes, a dull red color. On closer inspection, atmospheric disturbances can be seen as swirls of more or less intense light.

     Surtur is a waterless, airless rock. Its atmosphere has been blown off by solar winds, and its surface is much too hot to allow water in liquid form.

     Thymr, the basic size and composition of Surtur, is much colder because of the distance to its primary. Thymr's surface is covered by ammonia-methane ice and a thin methane-neon atmosphere.

Chris Jones
Sat Feb 18 00:31:33 MST 1995